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Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Since being elected in Bradford East in May 2010, I have been kept busier than I ever believed possible. I've spoken to many constituents in my weekly surgeries - covering every possible subject, from apprenticeships to the Odeon cinema. I am grateful to everyone who voted for me in 2010 and I will continue to stand up for the hard-working people of Bradford in Parliament.

This website contains a lot more information about my work, both in Bradford and in Parliament, the campaigns I am involved in, as well as news from the Liberal Democrats across Bradford East.

**** Important Notice ****

This Parliament has now ended for the General Election.

My office is now open with new opening times. During the election period I will no longer be an MP and will be much more limited in the kind of cases that I am able to help people with. These new opening hours will be:

Tuesday: 10-11

Wednesday: 10-11

Thursday: 10-11

Friday: 10 - 11

David Ward, Campaigning for Bradford

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460 Killinghall Road, Bradford, BD2 4SL


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The 2010 General Election

Local & National Campaign Updates

  • David Ward MP with Children at Woodlands Nursery & Pre-School in Apperley Bridge
    Article: Apr 15, 2015

    The Liberal Democrat manifesto puts opportunity at its heart and sets out a plan to ensure every child has a world-class education.

    The party has announced a major new commitment to protect education funding for every child.

    This means protecting education spending per pupil in real terms over the next parliament, increasing the education budget as a whole.

  • David Ward Parkside Community Centre 2
    Article: Apr 13, 2015

    Bradford East's Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate, David Ward, visited the Parkside Community Centre to report back on reforms the Liberal Democrats have passed in Parliament through the Care Act.

    David Ward visited local residents at the Parkside Community Centre today (Monday 13th April) on Avenue RoadBD5 to discuss the social care reforms the Liberal Democrats have delivered in Government through the Care Act.

  • saving money piggy bank
    Article: Apr 13, 2015

    The Liberal Democrats have launched a package of measures to shift the balance of power back in favour of consumers and commuters to ease the cost of living and save families hundreds of pounds a year.

    Our "Five Point Plan" comes on the back of the Lib Dem Digital Rights Bill that provides compensation for consumers who have their data misused online.

  • Cut less than tories borrow less then Labour - economy Lib Dems balance
    Article: Apr 13, 2015

    Nick Clegg has urged Labour to come clean about their plans to tackle the deficit, challenging Ed Miliband and Ed Balls to 'name the date' they will balance the books.

    It comes a day after the Liberal Democrats set out - in unprecedented detail - how they will get to grips with the current budget deficit and pay for their spending commitments.

  • Digital Rights
    Article: Apr 12, 2015

    Liberal Democrats are calling for a new Digital Rights Bill to be introduced within the first six months of the next Parliament.

    The Liberal Democrats have launched a public consultation on the planned Bill, which the party would introduce if they were to form a new coalition government after the election.

  • Cut less than tories borrow less then Labour - economy Lib Dems balance
    Article: Apr 12, 2015

    The Liberal Democrat plan to balance the books is one with a "heart as well as a brain."

    Nick Clegg will spell out in detail how the Liberal Democrats will deal with the country's deficit by setting out who is going to be asked to contribute more and where cuts will fall.

    Ahead of the party's manifesto launch on Wednesday, Nick will present a challenge to Labour and the Conservatives to match the Liberal Democrat commitment to be open and honest with the British public about what is necessary to deal with the deficit fairly by 2017/18.

  • Help to rent
    Article: Apr 10, 2015

    Liberal Democrats have announced plans for a new Help to Rent scheme to support young workers move out of their family home and into a rented property.

    Research shows that around two million young working adults still live with their parents despite being in paid work.

    Rising rental costs mean that many young workers can't afford the money needed for a tenancy deposit of the one to two month's rent expected up front unless they have financial help from their parents or friends.

  • Trident
    Article: Apr 9, 2015

    The Conservatives have today revealed that their manifesto will have a commitment to build four new nuclear missile-armed submarines. This proves that the Tories are still living in the cold war era, trying to win votes by scaremongering.

    The Liberal Democrats believe that we need a better, more up to date approach to Trident. We remain wholly unconvinced that the UK needs to renew its current system on the same scale as the Cold War system designed in 1980. Furthermore, we believe that the nation cannot afford to do so.

  • Article: Apr 9, 2015

    Speaking on LBC's Election Call, Nick Clegg said he thought it was odd that the Conservatives were elevating Trident over other key areas such as education and jobs.

    His comments follow the Conservatives' announcement that their manifesto will include a commitment to build four new nuclear missile-armed submarines.

  • David Ward MP and lead nurse Alex Smith NHS BRI A&E
    Article: Apr 9, 2015

    Liberal Democrats will help drive a digital revolution in the NHS by funding new technology in a bid to create a paperless NHS, Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

    We will set aside £250m from the profits of the sale of redundant NHS assets to fund new technologies in the health service.

    This one-off "Transformation Fund" will help fund the changes NHS boss Simon Stevens has said will be needed in the next Parliament.

The full programme of Liberal Democrat achievements in Government can be found here.